Loud Sounds 98
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Loreen – Forever

Who doesn't love Loreen? She's one of the Eurovision winners people seem to remember fondly. And she keeps on delivering. Her newest single "Forever" bears a hint of trends that are soon going to take over popular music. Its sad yet uplifting character, piano melodies and especially the arpeggiated synth all come from the world of progressive trance. But, beside that, it's just a great song with an undeniable hook.
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Big Dope P & Traxman – Beat It Up

Footwork is a brain-exploding style of music by definition. But some examples of the genre are more creative than others. And you are more than happy to get your brain twisted when you come across such gems. Beat It Up manages to sound unexpectedly fresh by incorporating nostalgic 80s sounds and putting them out of context, like crocks of ancient pottery under the glass in a museum.
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