Listen to Caoilfhionn Rose's Delicate "Fireflies"
Caoilfhionn Rose is a singer and songwriter from Manchester. Her songs are delicate but powerful and borrow from 60s folk and psychedelic rock. The arrangements are dominated by the feeling of space, like Whistler's paintings. Her latest single "Fireflies" was produced by Keir Stewart of The Durutti Column, the band she previously collaborated with.

Caoilfhionn Rose
In the song 'Fireflies' I'm remembering my first time travelling, in particular being in a campsite in Nice, France, which became filled with fireflies at night. It was such a serene place and I remember my friend was so inspired and moved, she wrote a song the night we were there.

To me 'Fireflies' has a nostalgic and comforting feel. I tried to be playful with the lyrics remembering 'the fireflies dancing'. It's about feeling hopeful about the future, 'though there may be dark clouds the sun will always come'.

There are references of older lyrics I have written. The line 'free from all the chaos' is a nod to a song I collaborated on with The Durutti Column. The song is about acknowledging the past and moving on as 'time is always healing'.

Watch Caoilfhionn's experimental video for 'Fireflies' made using LiDar and Pointcloud technologies "to create an ethereal virtual world".
Listen to "Flourish", the single's equally gorgeous B-side.
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