PREMIERE: Heather Nation & Nondoh – Flower
Flower falls between rock, soul, ambient and improvisational music. The highly atmospheric jam was born in collaboration between Heather Nation on lead vocals, guitar and keys, Fernando Gomez a.k.a. Nondoh
on drums and Omar Lopez on bass, all of them active members of the San Diego music scene. Heather Nation herself has described the song as a "self-love anthem" with the potential "to remind each and every listener of their own personal superpower, the power to love yourself". The extremely emotional and versatile vocals, spacey guitars and explosive bass and drum parts create a soundscape drawing the listeners into a sonic universe of its own.

Flower is a song to sing to yourself at the heights of your life, and a hymn to whisper as you grow through the low of lows. Something to hug your heart, a reminder that you are worthy of your own love, worthy of seeing yourself as the creation that you are, perfect in all of your imperfections. That self love is what radiates and draws to you all that you desire, and reminds you that everything starts within.