"Disorder" by If You Have No Friends and senojnayr Is Inventive and Intoxicating
If You Have No Friends make futuristic electronics with inventive structures and unexpected transitions between parts. Their compositions are filled with sounds that might seem uncomfortable at first, but, sewn together with soulful keys and catchy beats, they start to work as hooks. We asked Rodion, one half of If You Have No Friends, to tell us how the duo wrote their intoxicating track "Disorder".

Rodion Fatkulin
We started writing Disorder with the idea to try new tricks in sound design. The track has several parts with harsh changes in mood, volume and sounds. That's exactly what we wanted to achieve – powerful contrasts with technical transitions between parts.

Oleg did the first rhythmic part and added sharp creaking sounds that hooked us and we began to build the concept of the whole track. After maybe a week or two I finalized this part and added the second part. Oleg immediately did the third part, and we connected it all.

Then again there was a pause. We were searching for ideas on how to continue the track. At that moment I was listening to a lot of neosoul on Soundcloud. This is how the chords in the intro appeared. At the same time I showed the demo to our motion designer and he suggested animating the entire track.

So, part by part, moment by moment we finished writing the composition, but it seemed to us that something was missing. So senojnayr joined us and added a pinch of his mood. He recorded a bass part in the first half of the tune and a couple of sounds on the Diva synthesizer.

In general, we really like to make harsh, heavy sounds, but then inject something soulful into the tune. We like to transform, complement, complicate the parts, and this is how our style turns out.
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