PREMIERE: J Flint – Til Flowers Bloom
"Til Flowers Bloom", the debut single by Californian J Flint, is a song about contemplation and deep inner connection with the world and people around you. For Justin music is a healing process, and listening to his first tune is also a sort of healing. Written and recorded with a friend in a secluded cabin in the woods, the song instantly makes you relax and look inside yourself. It may be dark and cold there, but spring will come, birds will come back and beautiful flowers of love will bloom.

Justin Flint
This song was written and recorded in an old snowy cabin with my close friend, Alex Siegel. One afternoon we went for a walk to clear our heads. Something about the beauty and isolation of those snow-covered mountains cracked me open and exposed the fear, sadness and grief I'd been struggling to face. I suddenly felt the walls I'd built around me crumble and realized these burried feelings had been keeping me from experiencing any deep connection with my life and the people in it. I felt sad but also relieved with the light and clarity of the truth. When we got back to the cabin we put some music and words together and I sang this song.