"The Harder I Try" by Jody and the Jerms Is Perfectly Raw Jangle Pop
Jody and the Jerms formed in late 2019 and had only managed to play one show before lockdown hit. They took the time off stage to rehearse and perfect their sound. And it worked to their advantage, because none of the members had been in a band before that and Jody hadn't had much experience with singing. However they still sound perfectly raw, bringing to mind jangly 80s indie rock, first and foremost early R.E.M. Their latest single "The Harder I Try" mixed by Mark Gardener from the band "Ride" is a perfect example of that.

Our guitarist Peter Millson sent us a 30-second phone recording of the chord changes in the song during the lockdown last year. He forgot he had done it and we forgot we had them. Then we stumbled across the recording driving back from seeing some friends in May this year – and myself and Niall (guitar) wrote the song there and then in the car.
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