Jordz's "Wavey Nights" Is a Nostalgic Ode to Partying
"Wavey Nights" by London-based artist Jordz is an infectous jam with an undeniable hook and influences from all our favourite dance music genres. It features a Korg M1-type organ bass (a house staple), vocal samples and drum patterns characteristic of UK garage and even some dubstep moments. The lyrics were inspired by Jordz's own experiences of nightlife. We asked him to tell us about his wildest night of clubbing. Read about Jordz's experience and listen to his extremely catchy single produced by Tomek Zyl Music.

One of my wildest nights in the club is probably when I was around 23 years old. I started night in the pub with my best friend. I had recently left my job so I practically didn't have a penny to my name but my friend said that he was good to support me financially for the night.

After a few rounds my friend suddenly disappeared to the bathroom and didn't come back. I looked for him and found him slumped in the cubicle, so I helped him get a cab back home. Rather than go home myself I decided to try my luck in the local night club with the little money that I had. Somehow I managed to get in and I made a lot of new friends who bought me rounds after rounds to keep the wave strong throughout the night. We met girls! We danced! We had fun! I suppose it wasn't really a wild night but for me back then as a young man low on confidence, going to a nightclub by myself with no friends was something that I never imagined was possible for me.