Georgi Krastev's Music Is Quietly Hopeful
Georgi Krastev's music has a dreamy, homespun quality to it. It sounds like waking up in the morning with a heavy head on a rainy day with just a brief moment of bright sunlight. But this moment gives you hope. Yes, it's going to be a sad and hard day, but life is still beautiful, and joy will come eventually. Read how Georgi came up with "In a Dream" that sounds like a lost Radiohead demo and listen to his other singles, including our favourites "Living in the Darkness" and "Light Years".

Georgi Krastev
I wrote this song during one of the darkest times of my life. It's the saddest song I've written so far. Walking around my studio apartment, I casually strummed my hand over my out-of-tune guitar, which I hadn't played in weeks. As I kept walking, I began hearing this song playing in my head. Immediately, I sat down, grabbed the guitar and started recording. And that's how "In a Dream" came to be.

Here is the video of the recording: But beware, the purpose here was just to get the idea down, not to sing well.