Станцуем, pt. 1. jheeze, yuma yamaguchi, Sïckö
Cover photo: jheeze
Станцуем translates from Russian as "Let's dance". Tune in to hear the latest under-the-radar dance tracks.
jheeze – trepet

jheeze is a Kazan-based lo-fi house producer. His other projects have received support from such big names as DJ Ross From Friends and Russian house and pop icon Ivan Dorn. jheeze's "trepet", despite the fact that its name translates from Russian as "shudder", is light in mood, while "pentaedr" is 7 minutes of pure tension without release. We highly recommend you to listen to the whole of his latest EP here.

Sïckö's "ALMA'S LIFE" is a piece of light-footed home-made pop funk combining electronic and live instruments all of which the Hungarian producer played himself. "Alma" means "soul" or "spirit" in Spanish, hence the name of the track, as Sïckö explained to us.
yuma yamaguchi - Conscious Edge(feat. 神田智子, ESME MORI)

The track is a collaboration between yuma yamaguchi known in Japan for his music for movies and commercials, Tomoko Kanda singing a traditional Ainu song and electronic producer ESME MORI. It marries uplifting house piano chords, a haunting chant and an incredibly groovy beat. You won't be able to sit still!