Liyolei Makes Dreamy Music Inspired by Nature and Art
Liyolei is Liya Safina. She has been painting and making objects all her life. Some of her works have been exhibited in Russia's finest galleries. She has recently started making music and has released two singles that sound refreshingly dreamy and homespun. We asked Liya to tell us a little bit about her creative process.
— Both your songs and your pictures are often minimalistic. And the choice of sounds in your tracks seems like it's meant to evoke associations from everyday life (i. e. to paint pictures with sound)? Is it really so? How is your mindset different when you paint or make objects and when you make music?
— Great questions! I've been drawing all my life and eventually found a few formulas of making an art piece that I am satisfied with. It's different with music. I'm a beginner and I don't know what I'm doing. So there's much more excitement, fear and joy when I'm making a song. Lately I've been missing these feelings while making art so music is some kind of escape for me.

I can't say that I'm trying to paint with sound. I guess there is some intuitive strategy and it's similar for everything I create. I tend to catch an atmosphere or a feeling and exaggerate it to its peak.
— How do you usually start working with this atmosphere? Do you start from an idea? A melody? Or do you get triggered by a specific sound you come across?
— I always start with making a beat that my body will respond to. Right now I'm exploring Analog Lab from Arturia, u can make a collection of your favorite presets there. So I just open my "likes" and look for something that will go with the beat. Usually there are wide dreamy pads or something dark and haunting. So I guess this is the part when I get triggered and kinda know what I will sing about.
— You write, record and produce everything by yourself. Are you planning on any collaborations?
— Of course, I'll be happy to collaborate. We're planning on it with Artur Jerk, cool musician and my beloved friend. My legendary boyfriend Mitya masters my tracks and gives great advices, so this is sort of a collab also.
— You sing in Russian. Do Russian music and/or poetry influence your lyrics in any way? If so, what are some of those influences?
— The last Russian music obsession I remember was with Аквариум. I was very young and their lyrics helped me to get through dark times somehow. But I kinda have love/hate relationship with poetry in general. I'm trying to keep a balance between writing something metaphorical but not too cloudy if that makes sense.
— Thank you for the interview!
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