Left & Loud, Vol. 1
Cover photo: from Maymind's video "Left To My Own Devices"
"Left & Loud" is our new series showcasing the best fresh leftfield electronic tracks we've discovered.
Endless Recall – Killing Joke

Endless Recall is Luca Sammartin, Italian producer and composer. His latest track "Killing Joke" was composed in one go. "I wanted to use the rhythm to create a feeling of speed and slowness at the same time. For the melody I created this solo that repeats itself, almost like a guitar or sax," says Luca. This melody evoking a feeling of freedom and vast space is our favourite part of the song.
Maymind – Left To My Own Devices

LA-based producer and musician Maymind is back with a perfect after-rave jam "Left To My Own Devices". Its synth stabs and vocal chops evoke a sort of nostalgic yearning rarely akin to Four Tet or Bicep's last album. The track is set to a four-to-the floor beat. But in this case it's not an invitation to the dancefloor – it's more like an echo of a party anthem still playing in your head on the train ride back home after a night of dancing.

Some tracks take shape quickly, others take years to gestate and form. "Left to My Own Devices" was one of the latter, although the original idea came together quite quickly in my Brooklyn studio many years ago. I knew I wanted to make something that felt influenced by those euphoric moments in the club but that wasn't necessarily something you'd play during those moments. Something referencing those feelings but just hinting at them. I think the rave-y chord stabs and vocal chops do that in in this track. I would suggest listening to it holding a loved one, be it a friend, family member, lover, or pet, very close.