Macajey's Guitar Pop Will Make Your Summer Sunnier
Macajey writes sunny and chill guitar pop that seems impossible not to like. Listen to his latest tune "Walkin'".
The delightfully carefree track with vocals drowned in reverb, pentatonic guitars and a buzzing synth bass feels like a nice addition to a chill-pop playlist with the likes of Real Estate, Mac DeMarco and Connan Mockasin (we know you have one too!). It's no wonder to hear music like this from someone born in Palo Alto, California. However, Jeremy Macachor, the man behind Macajey, has been living in Estonia since 2011. It's definitely not sunny in Tartu as it is in California, but his music is still as warm and relaxed as ever.

Jeremy Macachor
Walkin' is just about taking a nice stroll with no objective; letting your mind drift, noticing scenery you might not normally pay attention to, and having insights about life on those walks.
Also check out the video for "About Face" shot in Tartu, Estonia "on the only 2 days in the whole summer where there was not a cloud in the sky".
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