Maw's "pomegranatedelusion" Is Short and Infectious
This week we couldn't stop listening to Maw's "pomegranatedelusion". It's the first single from the producer's forthcoming debut EP. "pomegranatedelusion" is a charmingly short track that, despite only featuring some chopped-up vocal samples, follows a traditional "verse – chorus – verse – chorus" structure. After repeated listens we still couldn't figure out the magic ingredient that makes you come back to the piece. It would be interesting to listen to the song in the context of the upcoming EP. Meanwhile we asked Maw to speak about the writing process.

My songwriting process differs from song to song and project to project.
The music of Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury inspired the musical palette for "pomegranatedelusion". I had gathered some synths and bass sounds that I was digging at the time. I love melodies, especially subtle ones, so I started playing around with a synth bass and started looking for some movement. Once I had the verse progression, I programmed heavy drums with a hip-hop sample vibe. I then pulled a few R&B vocal samples and that became the foundation for "pomegranatedelusion".