MEYY's "Tshirt" Is Bold and Hypnotic
MEYY, whose music we have featured before, has released her new EP, "Digital Gloss," before embarking on a European tour.

Its standout track "Tshirt" features a rubbery groove that immediately sucks you in. The hypnotic melody that follows creates a sense of tension that is perfectly balanced by the textural synths, providing a dreamy and ethereal soundscape. The unorthodox percussive sounds add a unique layer of complexity to the track, keeping the listener engaged and curious throughout.

Read on for MEYY's comment about the EP.

"Digital Gloss" is a portrayal of my delusion and yet it's also the most honest body of work I've ever expressed. This EP is a love letter I wrote to romance. A sacred prayer. A little jewellery box. A secret I spilled. It's me dancing to the pulses of my imagination. Following Hellenistic observations, I believe there is a gap between art and the perceiver and the artist will try to narrow that gap. That is quite literally how I feel about this project. I carved out the beauty from my perception of the world around me and put it into this project. It is to this day the most valuable thing I, together with the truly amazing people around me, have managed to create.
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