Lincoln Jesser's "Peloton" Sounds Like Spring
Lincoln Jesser is a multitalented songwriter, producer and instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. His latest tune is not called "Peloton" for no reason. The song's groove is sure to gently suck you in just to help you keep going. Lincoln's careless vocals, sun-laden synths and sticky bass sound like spring in California. Tune in and read the story behind the song.

Lincoln Jesser
Peloton was the first song I wrote after moving to my new place and setting up my new studio in Playa Vista, Los Angeles, which is a kind of overlooked piece of coastal-adjacent LA.

The writing happened really spontaneously after I put together the synth melodies of the chorus in a quick burst of Inspo. I suddenly heard the "dreaming of the feeling with the tv on" line, and then almost as quickly after, "locked into your rhythm like a peloton" came to me.

My uncle had jokingly suggested I write a song about Peloton over a year before and it left my mind until the night I wrote it, but I guess it was marinating in my subconscious. And in this fucked up year, it felt really real and resonant to me…we've all been locked into our isolated rhythms, going through our cycles, but at the same time we're also more connected culturally and spiritually then ever before because of technology, It's a song about uncertainty, and about making the choice to embrace the moment regardless.
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