Welcome to Porcelain's Dark and Haunted Universe
Porcelain is a new electronic act from London. They have just released their excellent debut EP 'Part One'.
The mysterious collective has received praise by the likes of Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood who called them "soul music from out of space" and BBC Introducing. Porcelain position themselves as "an anonymous musical collective created as a counterpoint to society's obsession with celebrity culture". We asked the band what's wrong with celebrity culture and why they have chosen to keep their anonymity.

We have no issues with celebrity culture, it serves its purpose. There certainly is a place for the adulation of stars; most of us as children looked up to our heroes who gave us hope and inspiration. We just wonder if somewhere along the line the balance got lost. Is it about the art or is it about the image? Along comes reality TV and suddenly we know everything about your daily life, along comes social media and we know what you're eating for dinner and how you look in every possible position.

We miss the mystery.

PORCELAIN chooses to hide behind the art and wants to be known for nothing else but....
Listen to our favourite tunes from the EP – "Destruction" with its gorgeous soulful vocals and "Anon" with Arabic influences.
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