qaynar's New EP Combines Electronica with Turkic Instruments
qaynar is a band from Kazan, Tatarstan, that positions itself as a "musical laboratory".

Their new EP can be described as experimental electronica with a strong improvisational backbone that makes prominent use of Turkic instruments. The grooves feel like they could fall apart at any second, but that's exactly what makes them stand out.

The lyrics are truly poetic and the production is detailed but it leaves enough room for Radif's emotional vocals to breathe.

We asked Radif to talk about Күлмәк (Shirt), the standout track on the EP.

Radif Kashapov
Well, I had this short melody, I tried to enhance it a little bit and do something similar to rhytmic ambient or Sigur Ros songs. And after that I thought that I need something like a big outro, with overdrive. The biggest problem was the drums, cause I played them myself.

Lyrics came from my old poem, I wrote it as a response to the poem of my ex-fiance. It's the old story, there's no feeling now, but the words are still pretty good.
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