Rebecca McCartney's New Single Is Like a Conversation with a Close Friend
NYC-based Rebecca McCartney is setting up for the release of her "groovy-jazzy-soulful-indie-RnB-singersongwritery EP", as the artist herself has defined it. One of the singles shared ahead of the EP is 'For Avery, in June' – the disarmingly honest acoustic tune written for a friend "who has been knocked down by relationships so many times". We asked Rebecca about the writing and recording process and about her friend's reaction to the song.

Rebecca McCartney
I wrote this song quickly. It was as if when I found the music to put behind my feelings, it all came out at once.

When I got to the studio and was working on all the songs on my EP, most of them went from just being guitar and voice into a much bigger, more electrified sound world. I was working with my old friend and collaborator Jakob Leventhal who was producing the record. But this one felt like it wanted to hold onto that acoustic feeling, that intimacy. So we added a few other instruments to the mix, some gentle background vocals and piano plucks, brought in some sweet percussion from drummer Jason Burger, and left it like that.

Working with Jakob on this song also felt really natural because most of what we do together is under the auspices of our indie folk duo, Garden Party, and this song has a distinctly folky feel.

As for playing it for my friend, she's heard the song (in a number of its stages) and has resonated with it, but she doesn't know that it was written directly for/about her. I think she might know, honestly, but we never explicitly talked about it. But that's one of the luckiest parts about getting to share these songs, because it can be based on her and still feel true to so many other people in my life (and beyond). So I think without saying that this song only belongs to this one friend of mine, she can feel that it's hers alongside other people feeling it's theirs.
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