Remedies is an alt-pop duo from Narvik in Northern Norway. Their latest tune Like The Other Boys is notable for its catchy melodies and dark synth tones inspired by the 80s. The song is full of drama and raw emotion.

Read about the philosophy behind the lyrics and find out what TV series influenced the band's sonic choices.
— What was the inspiration behind the lyrics?
— "Turn right at the crossroads, that's where your heart wants to go. Can you look me in the eyes and say that this is the right call".

Humans are herd animals. We tend to do whatever everybody else does, because we are afraid of being let out, or being "the weird ones". One of the hardest things in life is to stand up when all others remain seated. So many talented people never get to live out their full potential, because they have this fear of being judged.

On the other hand, the ones that have stood up often tend to judge those who have not been able to go their own ways. Even though it's brave to stand up, we all have reasons for the paths we take and one path is not for everyone.

The lyrics in Like the Other Boys are painting a picture of the dynamic between the risky parts of individualism and the safe aspects of collectivism.
— And what are the track's sonic influences?
— One of the track's influences is MUSE's album "Simulation Theory", which came out around the time we started the writing process. Some of the sounds on the track might also take the listeners back to the 80s. This might have something to do with the influences we picked up at that time from watching the Netflix-series "Stranger things", where the story is set in the 80s. We wanted to focus the song around heavy synths, heavy basslines and minimalistic drums. At the same time we wanted it to sound heavy and raw, to maintain the rock element. That's why we included the guitar parts throughout the song.

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