Vitesse X Perfects Her Style on "Right Now"
Vitesse X is an innovative producer with a distinct sound that fuses together breakbeats, dreamy guitars, and manipulated vocals. Her latest work, "Right Now", showcases this recognizable palette, crafting an atmospheric score for a moment of introspection and grounding.

The track embodies the serenity of a sunrise on a mountain hike. As Vitesse X recounts, "I hiked up a mountain to watch the sunrise while on a trip overseas in July, and it always feels so pure and spiritual to be in nature, watching the dawn break."

The music video for "Right Now" takes the viewer on a journey to Montauk. The artist's bravery to dive into the cold ocean for the video displays her dedication to capturing the present moment in its rawest form. As she explains, "This song is about reclaiming the now, breaking free from the constant rush."
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