Best New Indie R&B and Trip Hop
Cover photo: Sasha Daniel
Best new R&B, trip hop and everything in between.
Emery, Garo & Umiko – Moon Love (Leon Somov Remix)

This relaxed trip hop gem is part of a compilation shamelessly called "Chilling on the Couch .04 LP" out on Scientific Records.

Denis Teluchin (Emery): "The story of the remix goes back to 2015. The original song was released on UK label Slime Recordings and has a nice video. The remix was done by a prolific and talented Lithuanian producer and songwriter Leon Somov. Leon was recording a band in his studio and asked them to record on the sounds he got for the remix. So there was a bit of a luck and coincidence involved in the creation."

The vocals for the song were provided by Lithuanian artist Umiko.
If you loved the track, check out other standouts from the compilation – the brooding banger Traffic by Nuage and the spaced-out house jam Common Ground by Andre Sobota.
Sasha Daniel – Pollen (DOV remix)

Frequent collaborators singer and actress Sasha Daniel and multi-instrumentalist and producer Dov Eagle a.k.a. DOV teamed for this chilled-out rendition of Sasha's darker and more ambient original. DOV in a comment for us has described his version as "hard and rhythmic at times and soft and melodic at other parts" and confessed he "finds himself loving the vibe [of the track] while walking the streets of NYC on early mornings".

Sasha Daniel
This song was written out of gratitude for nature and for the present moment. After the first couple of lockdowns we found ourselves, my partner and I, staring at the most spectacular view of pollen flying in orange groves in Cyprus. It was a reminder that no matter what kind of depressive thoughts we as humans have and the complex experiences we endure, the beauty of nature never seizes to exist.
Nadia Venice – Liquor Store

Nadia Venice is a rising R&B singer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. In her latest single Liquor Store Nadia sings about her experience with depression. Her previous releases touch on other difficult subject, such as domestic violence in Rethink and revenge in Let Me Get Back.

Nadia Venice
I usually write extemporaneously. I was having a major depressive episode and just needed to let it out through music. i found a beat on Youtube and it just came from the heart.

I've struggled with depression on and off since I was a teenager. I've used depression meds before but it never really truly helped. I came to the realization I just have to ride it out and I often smoke weed or drink. But the reality is, it only exacerbates the problem. With substances, I've noticed it's a double-edged sword. You can get fucked up or zooted because it's just something to do. Something to take you out of your normal self. But it never truly makes the pain go away.