Best New Indie R&B, Vol. 2
Cover photo: Lordus
Best new R&B, trip hop and everything in between, volume 2.
Lordus – Otherside

"Otherside" has an unmistakable 90s R&B vibe, but with a modern touch. Its soulful instrumentation, along with Lordus's excellent vocals and the song's overall dark vibe would sound perfect with "wine or cocktail in hand after kicking your partner out for doing some b.s. they had no business doing/saying", according to the singer herself.

I heard the beat and wanted to be a little dark on it because it gave me that vibe and the part I love most is the sample saying let it go in the pre-hook.

The hook was done on the spot. I didn't write it, I just blurted it out while recording (no, no) and the producer decided to stack it giving it that feel. We recorded this track in my living room; all we needed was a Kaotica ball, shield and a laptop.

KIDSNOT$AINTS. is the musical project from New Jersey, started by members Josh Mathew, Alan Warui and Raphael Georgeand later joined by friends Michael Dinardi and Brandon White.

We were all friends from high school who decided to make music one day after being bored during lockdown.
AL's INTERLUDE is a standout track from their latest EP "CAN BOYS HAVE DIARIES". The song written by Alan Warui "after a stupid heartbreak that occurred a while back in high school" (hence the name) reminisces about a toxic relationship, backed by the creamiest guitars and sweetest bassline possible.
Another notable track is I THINK I NEED HELP written by Raphael George, who serves as the groups primary songwriter.

Raphael was really high one time and paranoid with Alan, and he started playing some major 7 chords, and the first thing he sang was "I think I need help..." and then he started writing, and he completed the song in about 20 minutes.

We ran it through Josh (the man who produces), and he had made this amazing intro inspired by "What a Fool Believes" by The Doobie Brothers, followed by this sick bass, and we were hooked from there.