Ethno Jazz Pianist Ron Cha Explores His Assamese Roots on "Doi Roi Bidi"
Ron Cha is a pianist and composer from Assam, India. With a background in classical piano he makes music that brings together jazz, R&B and traditional music.

His latest EP "Maati" showcases traditional Assamese melodies rearranged and harmonised by Ron Cha. It features contributions from a few iconic artists from all over the world including singers Kalpana Patowary and Biren Deuri and guitarist Lionel Loueke.

Ron Cha
Maati is a journey through the folk music of Assam, India. For centuries, Assamese folk have been creating the most angelic melodies capturing the essence of their day to day lives. When I had the opportunity to delve into my own culture over the pandemic, I had the calling to document these beautiful melodies and make it my own with my Jazz, Soul and Gospel influences. 'Maati' translates as 'homeland' and this is my humble tribute to my roots.
"Doi Roi Bidi" is one the EP's highlights. It brings together catchy guitar licks, a fusion synth solo and traditional Assamese vocals. The song this composition is based on comes from the Deuri tribe.

Ron Cha
The Deuri are one of the major indigenous communities of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. They historically lived in the area of Sadiya, Joidaam, Patkai foothills and in the upper plains also called the hinterland of the Brahmaputra Valley. Their music is unique because of its use of microtones and the sound of the Deuri flute.

"Doi Roi Bidi" is a melancholic song. it talks about a person longing to see the other half in a romantic relationship.

Other songs on the EP are about different aspects of the life of the Assamese folk. Bihu Blues for example is a happy song which is a flirtatious conversation between a man and woman. O Mur Apunar Desh is the state anthem of Assam.
Here's another highlight from the album featuring Jacques Schwarz-Bart from Guadeloupe on the saxophone.