Lisa Heller's "SADIE" Is Bittersweet Bedroom Pop at Its Best
Lisa Heller's new single is remarkable both sonically and lyrically. Its dreamy guitars, dramatic synths and huge digital bass create an atmosphere that is intimate and epic at the same time.

The bittersweet lyrics deal with the topic of relationship on the verge of breaking down, because the narrator is not ready for personal change.

Lisa Heller
"SADIE" is a pseudonym for a real person in my life that I was seeing and really cared about. At the time I had a lot of growing still to do, but this person was pushing me to do it on their timeline. Recently, in my life I've realized that my flaws are my own, and if I'm going to change them, it has to be for myself and no one else. This song was kind of a realization of all of that.

Nat and Sean of 30h!3 really pushed me to talk openly about a relationship I had with a girl, which I've never talked about to this extent before. I think the openness in verse two helped push the song along.

Nat, Sean and I were sitting in their studio on a hot summer day last year and I had told them how I was just finishing this situationship with someone. We wanted to think of a pseudonym for them and we landed on the name "SADIE". As Nat started building out the session, I was thinking hard on the lyrics. We wanted to get the idea across of not being ready for change and "Sadie, don't you wait too long on me" was the first line we wrote for the chorus. I had this line idea of "coffee and cigarettes, sex and depression" and the rest of the chorus kinda just fell into place. I'm pretty proud of this song and I think musically it will bridge the gap well for where I plan to go next with my music.

Sean and Nat really know how to hone into that really modern sound, and Chris (the executive producer on the EP) bumped it up a whole other level. I think that's what's so special in this digital era where we are able to collaborate so freely, and change and adjust things until it's just right. This song was a true collaboration and I'm super excited about how it turned out.
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