SeineSation's "Birdcage" Is Warm and Melodic Indie Pop
SeineSation is a singer-songwriter based in NYC who has recently released a 4 track EP titled "Glimpse." The EP brings together "old world atmospheric musical energy with new age pop, creating an immersive experience woven with lyrical ballads".

The standout track on the EP is "Birdcage," which is an effortlessly beautiful song about the struggles of finding oneself and one's path in life. Seine has used field recordings of birds to create a natural, organic feel. The melody is highly emotional, and Seine's vulnerable vocal performance adds new depth to the song.

Other tracks on the EP share the same metaphoric and introspective quality as "Birdcage." Seine's personal favorite, "Life", is a powerful ballad that showcases a stronger side of her voice.

Read on for Seine's comments about each song on the record.

Birdcage was written about the struggles of really finding yourself and your path in life. Growing up we're told what defines "success" and how to live life, however, I find that it's so subjective. We each have our own happiness that we're chasing and it becomes hard to truly figure that out when you grow up within a mold of preconceived notions and restrictions.

Birdcage is essentially an analogy to being freed mentally and gaining the ability to decipher who you are/ want to be.

Dreaming state draws inspiration from the metaverse. When I go through some really hard things in life, instinctually I personally tend to be stuck in my head. It's easier to dream about a better life than actually work to get past a hard patch and live it

This is my personal favorite! All these songs are my babies but If I had to pick one that came from deep within my heart, it would be Life.

I wrote it as a ballad and it's shrouded in metaphors, the message it captures is the perfect ending to the EP Glimpse. Life decodes what matters and what doesn't, how everything is in your hands and as cheesy as it sounds Life is what you make of it.

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