Soft Loft's "Summer Sadness" Is Sad But Comforting
Each song on Soft Loft's debut EP is a gem in its own right, but "Summer Sadness" is our favourite. With dreamy guitars, an intricate drum pattern, and a lovely wordless vocal hook that comes later in the song, the track invites listeners on an emotional journey through the depths of melancholy, while offering a glimmer of hope and light.

Jorina Stamm's lead vocals are both haunting and hopeful. Her voice carries a touch of vulnerability. Yet, there's a certain longing and a glimmer of resilience in her delivery, as she explores the complexities of her emotions. The wordless vocal hook acts as an anchor, a comforting refrain that lingers in the listener's mind, providing a sense of solace amidst the darkness.

Jorina Stamm
Lead vox, guitar
In the summer before last, I found myself in a rather dark place. Something that usually only happens on overwhelming winter days suddenly caught up with me during the most cheerful time of summer. It's so exhausting to free oneself from this state. A blend of 'it's absolutely okay to feel this way' and 'I can feel better' helped me overcome this summer depression. And this time, the 'shit winter' didn't follow.
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