Summer Like The Season Collect Samples from All Across America
Summer Like The Season is an art pop band based out of Detroit, Michigan. Their music is an invigorating mix of light-footed melodies, quirky grooves and organic samples collected from all cross the USA. Their sample sources include boat horns and sandpaper. For their latest single "Root Mean Square" the band used rainwater pouring down the drain to replace boring high hats.

Root Mean Square is about reflecting on a relationship as a whole, the good, the bad, and everything in between. The actual math term is useful to draw conclusions from data that has both positive and negative numbers. The song explores a parallel in using an analytical lens to process an otherwise emotional mess.

The main sample in this song is from rain pouring down a water grate outside of a venue called Blush while on tour in Duluth, Minnesota. Instead of a tour journal, I love to sample sounds from every place we visit and incorporate them into the music.