Listen to Tiefling's Emotional Hyperpop
We're loud. But sometimes we wanna get hyperloud. Check out Tiefling's unorthodox take on hyperpop.
Tiefling – it's not polite to stare

Tiefling is the moniker of Boston-based artist and producer Jack Salvucci. The project's music ranges from ambient and indie pop to neoclassical and noise.

it's not polite to stare, however, is the second in a row of hyperpop singles. Its manic energy is somehow balanced by the nostalgic 2000s pop feel (we couldn't help thinking of Eastern European acts like Hi-Fi). The result is a track that's gut-wrenching and calming at the same time. Have you heard something like it before?

Jack Salvucci
it's not polite to stare was written about dysphoria and a sense of not fitting in. It is a frantic and manic response to the judging eyes of strangers. It is an artist flailing trying to stay afloat.

I am trans, and often feel the need to (and like to) dress in an "extra" sort of way to compensate for the feeling that I don't pass. This brings me attention from people who do not wish to understand me, pushing me further down the path towards freak/spectacle.

The lyrics were, interestingly, written for a jazzy folk punk tune originally, but that didn't have the right energy. Using a vocaloid allowed a level of vulnerability and performance that wouldn't have worked with my natural voice or a pitch shifter. I think the manic desperation of the lyrics is only suited to a genre like hyperpop which can fully match that manic energy. Sometimes vocaloid and hyperpop sound dead and mind-numbing to me when the song isn't violently emotional, but I think this song was able to bring the emotion. The song is inspired by 100 gecs and Yameii Online, among others.
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