Album Review: Melo-X – Wake n Bake, Vol.1
"Wake n Bake, Vol.1" is a conceptual album from Melo-X, a versatile producer that has made a name for himself by making platinum-selling beats on his iPad. The idea behind the album is creating a "soundtrack for morning activities that elevates routine tasks into moments of mindful engagement and awakening".

The first track combines peaceful bells, deep bass, washed out chords and organic bird sounds creating a sort of canvas in our mind that the rest of the album can add colors to.

"Green BABA Riddim" takes over the baton, together with some of the first track's sonic elements. The washed out synth chords and deep bass are still in place, but this time they are supported by a Carribean rhythmic pattern that marries the track's peacefulness with some energetic vibes.

"Midday by thee Ocean Nimo's Ship Approaching" is dominated by grounding field recordings of birds and waves and resonant synth touches creating a surreal mood that counterbalances the realness of nature sounds.

"Ok Agua Keys Riddim" is characterized by glassy synth melodies and ghostly voice samples. This could be a soundtrack to a fashion show, but only if those were hosted on peaceful and beautiful sunny desert islands.

"Papi Cooks The Best Breakfast" with its jazzy free-flowing keyboards is full of little sonic nuances. You can't help but associate those with the actual sounds that the aforementioned Papi makes while cooking the soul- and body-healing breakfast.

"Happy Smiles Take 1" brings together watery percussion, soulful piano chords, psychedelic synths and the record's trademark deep bass. However, the most recognizale sound here is the singing synth that adds an undeniable futuristic touch to the composition.

"009 Drum Riddim" is rich with reverberation, creating a mysterious cave-like affect. The track's drums and vocal synths are wet and resonant, helping you immerse yourself in the track's unique sonic universe.

"Beta Turi Riddim" starts with a synth mallet melody. Its characteristic sound and sentimental character instantly bring to mind 2000s Europop hits. But this is a deceptive impression. What follows is dark, dubby and highly experimental. The drums sound huge, the synths are eerie and enigmatic and the bass is so deep that you feel it in your guts.

The closing "Green Means Go Riddim" is equally dark and dubby, but it raises the energy level by adding a high-tempo jungle drum loop. It's a perfect closer to this peaceful and spiritually rich album - like an energy shot drink after a well-balanced and delicious meal.

Overall, the album is very interesting sonically, with lots of unorthodox sounds and approaches and small discoveries along the way. Apart from that, it is surprisingly functional – it totally works as the day starter, giving a you tons of energy while helping you relax and concentrate on your routines at the same time.