Yasmine Gill's "Woman" Channels Power and Elegance
Yasmine Gill is a London-based singer and songwriter. She grew up soaking up influences from her dad's jazz and blues record collection and later turned her ear toward modern R&B from the likes of Snoh Aalegra and Lianne La Havas.

Woman is the standout track on her new EP Feel. It's an elegant sophisti-pop song similar to Sade's Soldier of Love album. Yasmine's deep and smooth vocals, bittersweet piano chords and soulful saxophone melodies all work perfectly with an unmistakably 2022 beat with stuttering hi-hats.

Yasmine Gill
"Woman" is one of my more R&B-heavy tracks. It was written a year ago and came out of a place of frustration being a woman in this world with all the contradictions that are often said to women about how they should act or be. But from this frustration came empowerment, this feeling of wanting to go against stereotypes and labels. A woman can be resilient and multidimensional, vulnerable and strong, assertive and gentle, confident and humble, and never needing to give one up for the other. They can be either, or both, or none at all, and yet they remain true to their name.

The recording process was done across the continents – myself being based in London and my amazing producer Jacob Liutkus based in Montreal. We went back and forth for a year working on this track with a lot of video calls, texts and emails haha! I laid down the piano stems and vocals over here and he produced the track over in Canada. The saxophone by Kasper Knoll, and bass, performed by Collin Steinz, were also recorded in Montreal. I used to live in Montreal prior to moving to London two years ago and still work with many musicians over there.
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