Zakary Tuktarov Makes Inspiring Music from the Sounds of Sticks, Stones and Herbs
Zakary Tuktarov makes music under a few monikers. His output includes gentle folk, soul-tearing acoustic punk and collaborations with avant-garde jazz musicians. However, his latest album "Primitives" came out on French label Kalamine Records under his own name. It's a fascinating journey in search of your inner primeval man recorded in a secluded country house surrounded by Russian nature. We asked Zakary to tell us about the philosophy behind the album and the tools he used for recording.

Zakary Tuktarov
I create music based on visual scores that I form with the help of books, films and nature. I often collect various natural objects (like sticks, stones or herbs) from which I extract sounds.

My music is closely related to my philosophy. It includes aspects of Taoism, Zen Buddhism, primitivism and anarchist ideas.

Zakary Tuktarov
I use guitars, synthesizers, folk instruments, as well as my own sound base which I have been collecting since 2012.

In short, the synthesis of sound in my music is only an instrument, rather than a goal.
Zakary's collection of musical objects
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